Designed and manufactured by softrack for the after care of your synthetic surface.

Simple to operate and designed to level and roll in one pass. All you need to maintain a perfect surface at all times.

Tractor mounted and towable models available. Available in different widths to suit your requirements. Do not allow heavy vehicles or equipment on or over the surface other than for maintenance purposes. No mud or other contaminated materials should be allowed to enter on to the surface. Horse droppings should be removed promptly as this will eventually impede the drainage, discolour the surface and dry out the wax. The depth of the surface should be checked on a regular basis to ensure an even depth over the entire area. Softrack Surfaces will instruct you on how to maintain your surface to prolong its life and give you the perfect riding surface at all times.

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Softrack arenas and gallops are designed and constructed to the highest specification. All work is carried out by our own highly experienced workforce



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